Saturday, July 31, 2010

Will Run for Wine

I basically hate exercise in all forms. Unfortunately, I love to eat and drink all kinds of delicious things. And some annoying person keeps sneaking calories into the stuff I like.  The older I get, the worse this combination is. Desperate times call for desperate measures so I had to do something to restore balance in my life. Eventually I discovered running.

Even though I understand the connection between the yummy things I consume and the miles I spend on the track, most days it is worth it to me to pound the pavement in exchange for some Chateau St. Michelle or a wine-a-rita. That Bavarian Cheesecake isn't going to burn itself off after all. I have so few defenses against sushi, or Copelands Bread Pudding or Sonic chili dogs... I'm not even a food snob; it's all good!

Realizing that I will literally run for wine, I began to think about what the people around me will run for. What is important enough that they will do even something they hate in order to get it? Everyone has something that motivates them. Everyone will run for something. As a parent, or a leader in my church, a manager at work or a volunteer in the community, it is my responsibility to figure out what my people will run for.

What will your people run for?